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This website deals with quiet thinking about the covenant, showing the beautiful intent and love of God, and how it applies in our lives. The chapters will be shorter, taking just one topic at a time, and examining each topic in more detail.

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More Than a Promise

Another website, deals with theological aspects of the Covenant of God. It is a presentation of the covenant through history. It is designed to answer questions about the Covenant, and lead one to put together a belief in the covenant as presented in the Bible in all ages.

God made the Plan of Salvation to restore men to the image of God. He will destroy sin and sinners, and restore Eden in an earth made new. By grace and the work of the Holy Spirit, men are again made in the image of God.

The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan is the theme giving a behind-the-scenes view of the war that began in Heaven. This war that continues on this earth, explains many of the actions of God, and events that we see on earth.

The Gospel focuses on the willing sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary, in which He takes the place of men in the judgment of God.

The Everlasting Covenant is the commitment of God to save men, giving men assurance of the purpose of God. The faith response of men makes the blessings of God possible. One will find different terms used to describe the covenant.

There is overlap among what these terms describe. When you put these things together, a beautiful picture of the purpose and love of God becomes apparent. Careful study of the Covenant also puts the doctrines and stories of the Bible into a coherent whole.

God bless you in your study of the Bible.

Hubert F. Sturges, author.







Reflections on the Everlasting Covenant
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